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By demikeenan, Feb 28 2019 03:30PM

Colour Design Trends 2019

This years colour blast is way overdue! So to give us a spring in our stride and step in to spring, we’ve come up with a list of Interior Design colour trends to brighten up your days and look forward to freshening things up this coming season!

Heres 6 reasons to get excited with colour this year...

The Browns

We all thought those dowdy browns are way gone but now a spoon or a pot full of honey is all you need! Spiced honeybee Dulux is all about “awakening, kindness, resilience and optimism” and inspired by “the varied tones and remarkable properties of honey — natural, timeless and enduring, protective, rejuvenating and healing.” The browns felt that the world needed a great big warm honey earth coloured hug that would make you feel warm and cozy at any time of the day.

The Greens

Are the greens the new greys? Greens are everywhere in interiors right now. It’s synonymous with nature and calming qualities, leafy botanicals and the great outdoors, which could explain it’s popularity for creating a contented home.

From rich dark greens to the light and uplifting ‘appley’ tones, greens can be used all over the home and have a powerful, restorative quality. Used in home offices, green shades aid contemplation and deep thought, and in any room have a calming soothing quality, so go get your greens!

The Blues

Far from the true meaning of ‘the blues’ this wonderful colour with all its shades will always make you feel good.

Adding a touch of drama to rooms, the dark blues will give so much depth and delight to even the smallest room, and we promise, wont make it look smaller!

My favourite blue of the moment is a Farrow and Ball ‘De Nimes’. This quietly elegant blue feels wonderfully down to earth. It can be used on anything from a kitchen island to an airy drawing room, a small living room with roaring fire or a bathroom. De Nimes, like denim, with its blue hue is ultimately fashionable and yet always feels timeless.

Timeless teal

Always my absolute favourite colour, so I’m so happy its still around!

Thank goodness there’s a lot of teal in the interiors world this season. Graham & Brown have embraced this glorious shade by naming ‘Tiru’ as ‘Colour Of the Year 2019’. This opulent shade has been especially popular thanks to the Eastern Asian influence trend.

Graham and Brown’s teal is inspiring a harmonious balance of flamboyant elements and other brands just work it so well teamed up with glamourous and lux shades of blush, lavenders and golds to really contrast and shine!

Pretty in nude pinks

We’ve had the striking rich colours so lets focus on our natural more feminine side.

A nude wall colour can go a long way to creating a soft and warming interior space. The paint range by Rockett st George, launched last month, features many delicious shades of nude. A rich nude is the perfect neutral tone to compliment trendy darker hues.

You’ll be surprised at how natural and calming and 'not too girly' these tones actually are when theyre on the walls, so we do recommend embrace it and give them a go!

They’re right on trend with the modern glamour, Scandi mixed with mix century of the moment and so are perfect for the living room, promoting a sense of well-being and happiness in the home.

The Ombré effect

Its not just hair that is creating this wonderful ‘merged’ colour palette this season, your walls are perfect for creating that washed out, washed in look too!

To create the perfect ombré look, grab your fave colours or different shades of the same and paint the top portion of your wall down beyond the colour divide point. It’s important to start at the top first, to avoid dripping on to the finished lower portion. Use small portions of masking tape to mark a horizontal line, to ensure that you keep your colour divide central. Where the two colours meet, use a slightly damp roller to apply a thin, feathered dividing line to create the merging of the two colours.

An ombré paint effect works best in rooms where you would love to relax, be it the living room, bathroom or bedroom. Due to the paint’s light and feathered look, it leaves a room feeling calm and soothing, plus giving it the total wow factor.

So there we ahve some Interior Inspirations for you, which I hope you can really go for, be bold and make a statement in your home! After all, its your space, your sancurary, you're get away from it all place, why not make it that extra bit special.

For consoltations and concepts do get in touch, and for as little as £250 we can help you find your colour zone too!

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We look forward to hearing from you and springing into spring!

Thanks guys,

Demi Keenan :-)

By demikeenan, Apr 20 2018 01:13PM

Ive always loved a bit of colour, or a lot actually. People are usually so scared to be bold and take a chance with colour and so the off whites and 50 shades of gray come into action way too often. Many seem to be so afraid of making a statement and going bold, and it is hard to pull off I cant deny, but designed with care and thought, with attention to detail, it can work amazingly well and totally transform your space!

We think and pray spring is here! Lets be ready for it by adding some bold colour colour and statement prints to your decor this season!

In a recent radio interview I was asked, what five tops tips can you add, I basically said ‘colour’ 5 times, as I love colour! What better way to make you feel happy every time you walk into a room. (link to podcast at the bottom of tha page).

How to use colour and pattens cleverly? Again this cant be just flung together, although sometimes flinging together works just wonderfully! Try to pick out the colours already in your room for your accessories, a blue from the wall, carpet, rug or cushion, and subconsciously blend them all together, the colours and patterns must connect and flow.

The amount of projects Ive worked on and people are terrified of all one colour but a ‘real colour’ on the walls and sometimes the ceiling too, brings them hesitant to do it. Will it bring the walls and ceiling in? Will it, make the room smaller as the colour is quite dark? No way, go forth I say!..but you must choose the right colour for the right room, and the light in the room, be it natural or staged.

If you're not sure about going the whole way, one fab accessory that you could start with are these fabulous lamps, designed and made in the UK!

You don’t have to go crazy, but if you want to, why not!

Add some colour to your world, Make a statement, Go bold, Be brave, LOVE COLOUR!!

Have Fun!

Demi :-)

Links to my podcast Radio interview!

By demikeenan, Mar 20 2018 04:19PM

So, after a short break, Im back on the first day of spring, and what better way to ‘spring’ into action with new inspirations!

Ive had a little think and lots of planning over the last few months and decided that as much as Interior Design is innovative, creative, inspiring and fulfilling transforming peoples homes and workplaces etc, I feel I need a new twist, a new edge, something to add to it with even more reward...

I didn’t have to dig too deep to realise that I used to work with, know, visit some incredibly talented people back in the Philippines where I lived for many many years and figured (as I once used to do there), its time to help uplift those amazing artisans by bringing some of those fabulous and unique fabrics, jewellery and products to the UK. Have you heard of delicate fabric made from Banana or pineapple leaves? Stunning...

My journey is not just the Philippines, but also other wonderful people I met in the Philippines, lets throw Columbia into the mix as I used to work with (and actually designed the jewellery showroom for) a very good friend who imports stunning, exquisite, handmade, Columbian Jewellery, colourful Wayuu bags and more. Ill be launching this collection separately very soon, so do watch out for it!

My point to my new twist and inspiration is to give back, to help uplift, acknowledge and help these communities have more of a sustainable industry and livelihood by distributing and ‘getting their word out’ here in the UK. Many of the local businesses DK Interiors will promote are social enterprises where groups of more underprivileged families want to, and are so enthusiastic to work for a better life, and are some of the most creative people I’ve met. Using recycled produce, be it plastic, leather, old fabric cast offs, paper or tin to up-cycle it into the most high quality incredible, handcrafted products, made from the heart with love not only for their families and crafts but for a better future for their children and planet earth. Its never too late!

Its out there already, so together lets Recycle and help to upcycle what we can, we can all do our bit.

Keep an eye out for our posts, upcoming collections, and how to get your hands on some of these unique products and trendy accessories...Im so excited for our upcoming year!

With many rainbows and much respect!

xx Demi xx

....and the many happy artisans around the world :-)

By demikeenan, Nov 23 2017 02:30PM

10 lovely ideas for unique Christmas decorations on a ‘green’ budget!

Go Green for Christmas!

We all get tired of our same old Christmas decorations year after year and its tough to replace them at the most expensive time of the year, so Ive compliled a lovely list of creations you can make yourselves to make your home more unique, homey, natural and green!

Personally I love something hand made anyway, being a designer we have to create things all the time and where possible, I love that hand made finish and personal touch. We were brought up making our own Christmas and birthday cards as the personal touch is so much rewarding to receive, and to give actually too!

Why not save some pennies this year and have something more meaningful on your tree, and around your home, more personal from your heart and better for our environment at the same time!

Check out these top picks plus a few tips below for making your decor even more special, warming and unique this year...

1. Go green! Get to your garden centre or local greengrocer, buy some holy and lovely greens, or pick from your own garden, or a stroll in the woods, and add little touches around the table, loop around candles, weave around mirrors, twist around lights for a real ‘green effect’.

2. Create ‘green’ pots to decorate the main table, side tables or window sills around the house, with clippings of your xmas tree, tie with berries and cinnamon sticks

3. Natural wonder! Tie a red ribbon around cinnamon stick and dangle from your tree, dry some orange in the oven and add that for a dash of traditional colour!

4. Make your own tree decorations with salt dough! Get the kids to join in or make stylish decor to hang anywhere! Cheap, cheerful and you can create anything you feel like creating!

5. Upcycle magazines for retro fun! Tear up your old magazines and go old school for the new school xmas dangly decs!

6. Rip up your rags! Grab your old shirts or sheets and get tearing them up, let of steam! Stitch them back together around a circular wire, tie up a bow, and you have a beautiful recycled wreath!

7. Recycle your bottles and spray them for a double decoration! You can spray them up all xmassy with whatever you feel, gold, or santa designed then pop sprigs of holly in them and even put lights in them for an extra wow!

8. Go for a lovely woody walk and pick up some pine cones! You can either spray them or leave them natural...add a ribbon and hang on the tree, simple, natural and comforting

9. Citrus fruit! Slice up some oranges, lemons or limes, dry them out and make a lovely hanging decoration for trees, doorways or the mantelpiece!

10. Natural Fir tree table settings. Although we’re not encouraging everyone to strip the trees in the forest, but a few branches can make such wonderful, homely and warming table settings! Add a sprig with some holly and wrap up to complete each plate, for the perfect look

I hope you’ve enjoyed our fun natural, affordable, natural decor tips! Go green and have fun!

Please watch out for my next blog of next years colour trends...

Happy Christmas Creating!


By guest, Nov 7 2017 02:56PM

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